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Final Trading Day is Sat March 3


All wines at HCWC are available for purchase in single bottles through to multiple cases of same or mixed dozens. See our price list below or click here to download a printable version.

Purchases can be made by telephone or you can buy wine online by emailing us via the contact form on this website with your order, which can also be held for future delivery or collection.

For those living away from the area, delivery in case lots can be arranged to your doorstep at home, to your holiday cabin, or to your apartment at Mt Buller.

If you are planning to travel around our beautiful region, you can order and pay for your wines over the phone and collect them later on your way home, and an after hours collection service can be organized by prior arrangement.

Phone or email your order through at any time, and please don’t hesitate to call David on 0437 117693 for advice and information on the wines.

Antcliffe’s Chase 2017 Riesling $25.00 Sedona Cab Sauv 2014 $25.00
Antcliffe’s Chase 2017 Chardonnay $25.00 Sedona Cab/Merlot 2014 $25.00
Barwite Chardonnay 2015 $20.00 Sedona Sangiovese 2016 $30.00
Barwite Pinot Noir 2015 $24.00 Sedona Sauv Blanc 2016 $22.00
Barwite Late Pick Riesling 2015 $20.00 Snobs Creek Brooks SCM 2016 $23.00
Barwite Cab/Merlot 2014 $22.00 Snobs Creek Sparkling NV $17.00
Fridays Child Shiraz 2015 $26.00 Snobs Creek Shiraz 2016 $22.00
Fridays Child Chardonnay 2012 $23.00 Utter Shiraz 2015 $27.00
Fridays Child Pinot 2016 $26.00 Utter Pinot Noir 2015 $27.00
Fridays Child Riesling 2015 $25.00 Utter Riesling 2015 $22.00
Gioliello Old Hill Chardonnay 2012 $30.00 Wine by Sam Pinot Gris 2017 $22.00
Gioiello Cab/Merlot 2012 $22.00 Wine by Sam Strathbogie Shiraz 16 $22.00
Little River Verdello 2017 $25.00 Wine by Sam Savagnin 2014 $20.00
Little River Sparkling Shiraz $30.00 Wine by Sam Rose 2017 $21.00
Little River Taggerty Sparkling15 $30.00 Wine by Sam Primitivo 2017 $22.00
Little River Estate Chardonnay 2016 $22.00 Mansfield Brewing Co Summer ale $20.00
Litle River Cab/Pinot Blend 2016 $25.00 Mansfield Brewing Co Pale Ale 6pk $20.00
Little River Cab/Shiraz Blend $20.00 Mans Brewing Co Amber Ale 6pk $20.00
Maygars Hill Strathbogie Shiraz 2015 $29.00 Mans Brewing Brute IPA 6pk $24.00
Maygars Hill Strathbogie Cab/Sauv 15 $27.00 Mans Brewing Stubby Holder $6.00
Mt Cathedral Cab Sauvignon 2012 $20.00 Social Bandit Pale Ale 6pk $24.00
Mt Cathedral Cab/Merlot 2012 $25.00 Social Bandit Brown Ale 6pk $24.00
Mt Cathedral Reserve Cab Sav 12 $39.00 Social Bandit IPA 6pk $28.00
Mt Cathedral Chardonnay 2014 $25.00 Wrong Side Jamieson Pale Ale 6pk $20.00
Mt Cathedral Merlot 2012 $25.00 Wrong Side Jamieson Raspberry Ale $20.00
Mt Terrible Reserve Pinot Noir 2013 $45.00 Wrong Side Jamieson Pilsner 6pk $22.00
Mt Terrible 2018 Rose tba Wrong Side Jamieson Saison 6pk $26.00
Northern Slopes Raspberry Wine $27.00 Vitis Botanica Grape Drink $11.00
Northern Slopes Blueberry Wine $27.00
Delatite Wines (all varieties) POA Tin Shed Cider POA
Ros Ritchie Wines (all varieties) POA St Winifreds POA
Philip Lobley (all varieties) POA
FREIGHT FOR CASE LOTS VARIES Mixed and straight dozens avail.