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Final Trading Day is Sat March 3


Did you know that although there are about 15 wineries within the officially designated Upper Goulburn Region, with only about 4 having regular cellar door hours and another 5 that have tastings by appointment only? The rest of the wineries produce and distribute but don’t offer direct contact with the winemaker.

This means there are plenty of hidden gems out there that few people interested in wine just don’t get to taste or purchase, and that is a shame, because our region is full of diverse styles to suit a variety of tastes.

HCWC can now help you to uncover those hidden Mansfield winery jewels because we have brought them all to one central location, allowing you a journey of wine discovery without the time and effort of traveling around.

The wineries in our region are represented by a body named the Upper Goulburn Wine Association (UGWA), split into Mansfield Winemakers, and Murrindindi Food and Wine groups, both whom arrange special events and act as advocates for the region within the wine industry.

Geographically, the region stretches from the High Country around Mansfield, down around Murindindi and Yea, and around the rolling hills and valleys of Taggerty and Buxton.

The diverse climate and unique growing conditions and soil types (known as Terroir) make for a comprehensive and exciting range of wine styles, all hand crafted with passionate winemakers who know and understand every individual vine on their vineyard.

We have also introduced some wines from the neighbouring Strathbogie Region to the north-west of Mansfield. This area produces some bigger style reds including Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, of which Maygars Hill Wines are a fine example.

By arrangement we can also source case lots of local beers from Mansfield Brewing, Social Bandit, and Wrong Side Brewing (Formerly Jamieson Brewery), and the local Tin Shed Cider.