It’s Grand Final weekend, and High Country Wine Cellars is barracking for The Swans, as like us, they are red and white experts!

Our season at the current location in Erril st is also drawing to a close, with the final day of trading planned to be on ‘Support Small Business Day’ Saturday October 4, before THE BIG MOVE!

With an enforced break (due to delays with the liquor licencing folk) of around 2 weeks, it will give us more time to get our new cellar door ready.

Our new location is just around the corner in the main street at 60 High st, just next to the bike shop. It’s where NorthEast Packaging have been for a few years.

It’s a great, highly visible spot and we are really looking forward to welcoming our loyal customers and being discovered by many new customers as a result.

Opening day will be on, or around Wednesday October 22, but is subject to the final go-ahead from VCGLR (Liquor Licencing) which won’t come until a few days beforehand.

The delay is disappointing, but on the positive it will give us a small break, and time to do up our new digs, and we should be up and running in time for the best two weeks of the year in Mansfield-the Arts festival and High Country Festival from October 24 to November 4.

And stay tuned, because there are further plans afoot which will be revealed once we have moved in.

In the meantime, we will still be contactable by phone and email.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather that is upon us, and celebrate with a glass or two of your favourite Upper Goulburn or Strathbogie wine.