More New Arrivals At High Country Wine Cellars

Greetings to some more new arrivals at our cellars over the last couple of weeks, with two wines and a new beer now available.

Friday’s Child, the premium label from Barwite Vineyards has released their 2012 Shiraz and 2012 Pinot Noir.

The first thing that strikes you about these wines is the new classy label that accurately portrays the elegance and finesses of both wines.

According to the rhyme, “Friday’s Child is Loving and Giving”, while “Tuesday’s Child is Filled With Grace”. both wines offer grace and style, and can be enjoyed now, but will be loving and giving with some additional cellaring.

Just arrived on the weekend is the newest brew in town, Mansfield Brewing Company Pale Ale, beer from the High Country.

Naturally brewed with no preservatives or additives, an array of hops are evident in this beautifully crafted ale.

Be one of the first to try a Mansfield Pale Ale, on sale now at High Country Wine Cellars.

Around Mansfield, the weather seems to have finally dragged itself out of winter mode, with some warm, sunny days now becoming more frequent.

After a hectic month of festivals, fireworks, parades, races (of the hoofed and wheeled variety) and celebrations, it’s time to draw breath and prepare for the Christmas season which starts in earnest on December 1 with local window dressing displays and the giant tree in the median strip.

So take time out for a few minutes and enjoy a nice bottle of local wine with family and friends before the festive season begins in earnest.